Ongoing Clinical Programs




Exceptional Children’s Art Therapy Program

“I no longer see the Art Therapy Institute as playing an adjunct role in our school system. I now view the Institute as an integral part of our students’ educational experience.” 

– Stephanie Willis, Health Coordinator, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools


The Newcomer Art Therapy Project

“Patients develop a greater degree of trust for our health care system based on their positive interactions with The Art Therapy Institute. For many of our patients, it is only the supportive interventions of the Institute therapists that have provided hope of over coming their traumatic pasts and the promise of a more peaceful future.”    

 -Jonathan E. Fischer, M.D., Piedmont Health Services


Art Therapy and Memory Care

“Alzheimer’s and dementia clients can benefit from creating art together in the safe, structured environment of an art therapy session which provides a nonverbal, creative outlet for expression.”

-Karen Kuebler, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT


iPad Project

“Kids all grow up with technology. They’re attuned to it. They’re really excited about it…their creativity amazes me.”

-Bridget Pemberton-Smith ATR-BC, developer of the art therapy program for the pediatric department of Hematology/Oncology at UNC Chapel Hill. 


Arts and Peer Support Group

“Faith, hope, belief: That’s why we don’t give up”

-Adult client, commenting on a point of connection among the group.