10 years of strength, persistence, & commitment.



We are honored to share our 2016 end-of-year fundraising campaign with you!

This year, we celebrate our diverse endeavors over the past ten years, and we prepare for the critical work that lies ahead.

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As many of you know, for the past ten years, ATI’s mission has been to support and advocate for our clients from all backgrounds:

From refugees, immigrants, and undocumented individuals seeking a new home in North Carolina, to single parents living in homeless shelters. From children in local hospitals fighting chronic illness, to elders in assisted living facilities dealing with memory loss. From students with exceptional needs in the local school systems to adults in our community living with severe and persistent mental illness.

We do this work by

  • Offering affordable individual and group clinical art therapy services
  • Educating people about art therapy through workshops, conferences, and art shows
  • Training and supervising new Masters-level therapists
  • Conducting ethical and culturally-congruent research, and
  • Collaborating with other allied professionals and nonprofits doing critical work in our community

This year—on our 10th anniversary–we continue to affirm our commitment to solidarity alongside each and every one of our clients. We refuse to turn anyone away due to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, immigration or insurance status, ability level, or economic situation. We pledge to use the arts to help our clients express and share their voices, and to inspire social change in our greater communities.

We are here.

We are not going anywhere.

We are committed to the work.

Thank you for helping us make the last ten years possible—

We value your continued support, now more than ever.